I love : working out, walking,concerts,music(the world would suck w/out it),rain, scuba diving, the colour royal blue,
radio head, avocado, swimming, miami, Belize, San Pedro, dogs, movies, sleeping.

My "Muse" is my best friend. She's an amazing person and very fit..i will post a lot of pictures of her. stay tuned :)
if everyday were like this…

imagine waking up at any point of your life you miss the most…and staying there for however long you needed too?

today must have been AHHHHMAZINGGG since i find the need to write about it :)

so listen, my BESTESTSTETSTSTSTSST FRIEND a.k.a “My Muse” and I decide its time to end first year of uni early. This means leaving school early (keep in mind she kicked ass in her test earlier today) , going shopping for ONE thing i need and ending up with 20 things you don’t need… because your friend thinks you should buy it (typical). Then OBVI you get hungry from looking at cute tops for a long time so you buy candy instead. But you realize ¬†that won’t count as a meal so we pig out on a large salad that tastes like heaven. At this point you know your not going to study for your exams coming up next week…what else is there but reminising on your childhood with oldies (AQUA 4 LYFE WOO!)¬†

AND thennnnnn… realize its midnight…no work got done…your too tired to attempt at reading anything…

BUT, on the bright side your bestie did your nails so now your good for a couple of days and youuuu had a good time…psych can kiss your ass at this point.

be jealous tumblessss my muse is not only hot but she’s the besttttttttt

yayayayaayay <3

— 2 years ago